Awnings for Restaurants and Homes

Do you need an awning for your home or business?

Express Jour offers you different types of awnings, suitable for all types of restaurants, homes and yards.

Types of Awnings

Express Jour offers you not only the production of the awning according to the needs but also its professional installation. See the different types of awnings we can make for you:


It is obtained by connecting two separate awnings “monoblock”, very suitable for restaurants. Maximum width – 7.00 m., Extension of the shoulders – up to 3.00 m. In both directions. They can be installed at a height of up to 2.80 m.

Awning with Common Console

It is a two-arm awning with retractable arms that attach to the shaft with a common console. This is what makes it less stable than the monoblock. Possible dimensions: width – up to 5.00 m, extension of the shoulders – up to 2.50 m.

Monoblock – awning

Our Monoblock – Awning has fully retractable shoulders. Characteristic of this type (model) is the presence of an additional beam 40×40, which attaches the shaft and arms with separate connecting elements. This gives extra strength and resistance to the awning in wind and rain. Maximum width – 7.00 m., Extension of the shoulders – up to 3.00 m. The inclination of the awning can be adjusted from 5 to 75 degrees at the request of the client. There are two drive options:

  • manually – with the help of a reducer and a crank
  • automated – with Somfy electric motors with remote controls or buttons

The standard color of the constructions is white, but our customers have a choice of over 250 colors according to the RAL system.

All our products have a warranty period of 2 years.

Possibility to make advertising inscriptions (logos) on the awnings for commercial sites.

Wind and rain sensor.

We offer installation of products for sites in Varna and on the Black Sea coast.


An elegant solution for your home or workplace. The profiles and connecting elements from which it is made are made entirely of aluminum and powder coated. They can be with 4 frames (3 sectors) or 5 frames (4 sectors). Maximum width – 4.50 m, forward – up to 1. 40 m.


Two-shoulder awning with falling arms, powder-coated construction, made entirely of aluminum, acrylic fabric “Dickson”. Maximum width – 5.00 m., Extension of the shoulders – up to 1.40 m. The inclination can be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees at the customer’s request.


This is a sliding awning made of powder-coated steel tubular construction with guides. Designed mainly for balconies and windows. Maximum width – 6.00 m, forward – up to 2.00 m and the need for a greater slope of the canvas. The drive is done by means of a reducer and a crank.

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