When you are looking for a complete weather solution for your restaurant or summer garden, aluminum pergolas are an efficient and cost-effective choice. With them, you will cover your open areas, and thus protect them from sun, rain, snow and wind. Aluminum pergolas are a wonderful long-term solution for your garden or terrace. Due to the proven durability, lightness and weather resistance of aluminum, pergolas made of it are an investment in convenience and comfort.

Aluminum pergola installed at a restaurant by Express Jour Ltd.We at Express Jour Ltd have been producing aluminum pergolas since 1991 and we have implemented dozens of successful architectural projects throughout our Black Sea coast. Our satisfied customers are proof of the quality workmanship but also of the absolute professionalism in installing the pergola. Take a look at our gallery of completed projects and see for yourself that Express Jour Ltd. is a benchmark for quality in the manufacture of pergolas.

What are the advantages of aluminum pergolas?

The aluminum pergola has several undeniable advantages. Apart from high wind resistance, the pergola made of this material can be easily adjusted with a remote control or with a stationary button. We want to create comfort for you and your guests, which is why the automation with an electric motor of our aluminum pergolas is so important for us. In the open position, the pergola will effectively protect not only from the sun, but also from heavy rain or heavy snow. In addition, you can choose transparent windbreaks, which will significantly extend the period of use of your open area. Aluminum pergolas can reach a maximum width of 10 m and extend forward again up to 10 m. Aluminum profiles are connected with stainless steel elements, and the roof is made of special PVC textiles with particularly good thermal insulation properties.

Why should you choose Express Jour Ltd?

Contact us to discuss your future aluminum pergola. We offer you a free initial consultation, subsequent design, manufacture, installation and of course responsible maintenance for your aluminum pergola. We always aim to deliver the best for each client because we know very well that a quality pergola is visible only after years of exploitation.

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