Are you looking for garage doors? Choose compact and stylish sectional doors.

The garage is not among the largest rooms you have, so every detail in it must be refined and both perform its function and not take up unnecessary space. The choice of garage doors is very important because they not only protect your car but are also the entrance through which it passes when parking. Among the most preferred doors are the type of sectional doors. Due to their compactness and automated mechanism, they are an extremely convenient way to facilitate movement in garages, even in warehouses. Thanks to their construction, they are retracted tightly under the ceiling by being automatically rolled into a roll.

We from Express Jour Ltd. produce high quality and easy to use sectional garage doors, with which you will be able to protect your garage from forced opening, as well as from moisture, dust and extreme temperatures. We offer a wide selection of design and sizes of garage doors, including a variety of products of the renowned brand for garage doors Hormann. One of the most important reasons to choose sectional doors is their high compactness. They consist of hinged individual panels (called sections) that allow the door to open vertically, rolling parallel to the ceiling rather than protruding. This way no extra space is taken up in front of the garage.

This type of garage doors are of exceptional quality. We produce our panels from durable galvanized sheet steel, which is covered with dust and moisture-resistant paint. Between the steel sheets, the filling is made of polyurethane foam, which guarantees extremely high insulating properties of the door. In garages that are part of the building, noise and thermal insulation is absolutely mandatory because this way you and your neighbors will get comfort and reduce your heating costs in winter. The products of other manufacturers, such as Hormann garage doors, which we offer, are also distinguished by durable materials, quality workmanship, long life and stylish design. We offer a variety of garage door sizes to fit perfectly in the desired indoor parking space.

The convenience of having automatic garage doors and how to install doors

Sectional garage doors VarnaAmong the products that we at Express Jour Ltd. are most proud of are our automatic garage doors. They allow you to remotely open and close your garage, which is a big plus in cold and rainy weather. This extra of the garage door is realized by installing an electric motor (motor for garage door), which is activated with a remote control for the garage door. By choosing these additional extras, you can raise and lower your garage door in seconds with the push of a button. In addition to a garage door motor you can choose to open or close by means of a chain reducer. Regardless of the type of drive we guarantee you the highest safety standards. With our products you will not have accidents because we offer you protective photocells, as well as rubber seals wherever there is a danger of pinching a finger or other similar unpleasant accident.

In addition to the enviable technical characteristics that you will receive with us, you will also be able to choose the right color or pattern for your sectional garage door. We offer a wide range of colors and decorations made of wood to make sure that we will meet your aesthetic requirements. Your garage door is made to individual size. The specialists from our team come and take the necessary dimensions to the nearest millimetre. This guarantees a perfect fit and 100% insulation, regardless of the height and width of the facility.

You can count on us not only for production and purchase but also for installation of garage doors. The installation takes hours and you can use your garage the same day. The parts of automatic garage doors themselves come with detailed instructions, so if you decide to do the installation yourself, you will have carefully described the steps. We perform not only installation of garage doors manufactured by Express Jour Ltd. but also of doors from foreign manufacturers such as Hormann.

Do not hesitate, look for reviews of sectional garage doors

If you are still not convinced that these are your doors, research different opinions about sectional garage doors. We have thousands of satisfied customers who as garage door owners, will confirm the following:

  • Sectional garage doors save space;
  • Due to their automatic mechanism, they save physical effort;
  • They are extremely convenient, especially if they have a built-in motor that allows remote opening and closing;
  • They are durable and stylish;
  • Provide effective thermal insulation;
  • Successfully protect the room and the things in it from unwanted intruders, as well as from moisture, cold, dust, dirt;
  • Many of the models are energy efficient.

Keep in mind that sectional garage doors as prices are higher than the usual model garage prices and the reason is in the mechanisms and extras to them, which make the product more expensive. The final price is often formed after a specific inquiry, in which you must name not only the dimensions of the desired sectional garage doors, but also the material, pattern, do you want additional decorations and extras (remote and motor) to the door. A variation in prices can also be seen for Horman garage doors and when ordering them again you have to make a detailed inquiry.

Contact us and order your garage door from Express Jour Ltd. Our specialists will take the right size and work out the best solution for your needs. Call now: +359 52 65 10 10.

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