Garage doors have been among the top products of Express Jour Ltd. for more than two decades. They are preferred due to a number of advantages, including comfort and quality workmanship. Roller garage door can be an intelligent, modern and stylish choice for you and your home. It is lifted and rotated vertically in a small, compact coil at the top. The door is hidden inside a powder-coated steel box – a purely functional solution. The application of this product is really wide and it can be used in the home or villa, but also in storage and production facilities. Of course, you can order garage doors from Express Jour according to your needs, guaranteeing quality, professional workmanship and installation, a guarantee for daily or intensive use.

What are the advantages of garage doors:

  • The vertical opening

We all know how important space is in urban conditions. The lack of a yard and enough open space requires an option in which the garage door does not open to the outside Garage doors manufactured by Express Jour Ltd. Varnaor inside with wings. The roller shutter system saves space, and this is important if you have a warehouse or logistics center. You can practically park the vehicle literally in front of the garage before entering.

  •  Quick and easy installation

The installation of the selected model takes literally hours and you can use your garage completely normally without worries about your car or property.

  • Individual sizes

We have no standards – your garage door is made to individual size. The specialists from our team come and take the necessary dimensions to the nearest millimeter. This guarantees a perfect fit and 100% insulation, regardless of the height and width of the equipment.

  • Insulation with the characteristics of joinery

Garage doors have great insulating properties! They do not allow moisture, cold, dust and dirt, successfully protect against excessive heat. You can be sure that you will be completely separated from city noise.

Perfect quality in every detail!

As one of the most successful products, it relies on perfect quality. In fact, here we are talking about increasing the energy efficiency of the home. In addition to ordinary garage doors, Express Jour Ltd. offers sectional garage doors and roller doors.

Contact us and order your garage door from Express Jour Ltd. Our specialists will take the right size and work out the best solution for your needs. Call now: +359 52 65 10 10.

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